Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable 9’10” SUP Review

The Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer iSUP redefines water recreation with its easy-to-use, transportable versatility. This smart and user-friendly inflatable paddle board takes summer paddling expeditions to new levels of enjoyment, with its easily inflatable and portable utility, thanks to the SUP package deal. For those who love to navigate recreational waterways, the Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer presents new opportunities to freely and independently engage in summer water sports. And, with its military-grade PVC material, higher weight capacity, and hardboard simulation, the inflatable Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer SUP Package gives users unparalleled nautical pleasure, making you feel like you are walking on water!

This Tower Paddle Boards SUP Package gives you not only the high-quality board itself, but also the lightweight pump, and 3-piece fiberglass paddle. This paddle board achieves ride-readiness at only 10 psi, but can be inflated to 15 psi. It can carry up to 350 pounds of weight once water-ready, and its drop-stitch type of construction makes it virtually scratch and crack-proof. It’s 9′ 10″ length makes it storable, even when fully inflatable, though it rolls up and can be stored away in an easy-carry bag. Its 2-year manufacturer’s warranty makes it an additionally good buy, and it covers everything not caused by normal wear and tear.

This is a perfect water sports product for those who are in relatively good to excellent health who are highly independent types who can handle the fair amount of physical exertion involved in enjoying this product. It’s also for those for whom price or cost is no object. Paddle Boards have appeal for all types of people across all walks of life, but the common thread is the drive to get out on the water independently, and unfettered by other, more laborious modes of water transport, such as sailing craft, motor boats, jet skis, etc.

Top Product Features

  • Rigid Hardboard Feel–350 lbs. weight limit on the water. Hardboard-feel when fully inflated, with a maximum 15 psi.
  • High durability–Military-grade PVC material with drop-stitch construction lets you worry again about cracks, scratches, or dings.
  • Portable–Full 9’10” length is easy to store and transport; rolls up and stores away easy.
  • Inclusive Package Deal–Adventurer model includes board, pump, and fiberglass 3-piece adjustable paddle.
  • Attractive Warranty–2-year manufacturer’s warranty covers everything outside of normal wear and tear.
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What We Like

  • Extreme utility–The Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer offers supreme utility, with as little extraneous accoutrement as possible
  • Portable nature–Eliminates the need for vehicle racks or carriers.
  • Hardboard facsimile with inflatable utility–You get the best of both worlds.
  • Nearly indestructible–PVC material prevents damage hardboards normally incur.
  • A hang-glider for water–Provides an organic sense of being on the water, unencumbered by engines, motors, sails, or other devices.

What We Don’t Like

  • Troublesome pump–Somewhat “weak” or unwieldy pump with (reportedly) sometimes inaccurate pressure gauge.
  • Heavy fiberglass paddle–Can sink in some rare cases.

Product Best Suited For:

  • Self-starters who want an all-in-one recreation solution.
  • Young people, single people, athletic types, and water sports lovers.
  • Highly-mobile, strong and sturdy nautical recreation fans.
  • Those who appreciate a versatile watercraft that stores and transports easily.

Product Not So Great For:

  • People on a budget, or for whom price is an issue.
  • People who prefer tandem or team sports or activities.
  • People in questionable health, or those who are not highly-independent.
  • Those who prefer more “forceful” ways of getting around on the water.

The Verdict

The Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable 9’10” SUP Package offers those who are affluent enough, able-bodied enough, and upwardly-mobile and independent enough a fabulous water-ride. It also provides a great option for a water sports activity that makes navigating all kinds of bodies of water fun and full of exercise and chances to “stand up and see” natural landscapes, fellow paddlers, and truly feel on top of the world. The inclusive package-deal nature of this paddle board is also highly attractive, providing board, pump, and paddle. It also mimics hard paddle boards without incurring the damages, such as scuff marks, dings, and scratches common to hard boards.

If you can get past the price, you will open yourself up to a supreme recreational experience on waterways. You will also find the Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer iSUP to be supremely manageable, storable, portable, and highly sturdy. Technically, two full grown adults can stand and paddle on it. You could even navigate different bodies of water in different creative forms–you are not required to simply stand and paddle. In other words–this is one versatile, sturdy, and user-friendly inflatable paddle board, and one that will last you many years of usage if handled properly.

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The Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer is not for those who require a lot of outside force, such as motors, sails, or other means of propellant. This product probably has high appeal for do-it-yourself types who want an “organic” experience out on the waters–somewhat like hang-gliding is to the air.  This is for those who will greatly appreciate its extreme ease in the areas of portability, utility, and storage ease. You could even roll this up and carry it in a large backpack or duffel, toss in the back of your car, and head for any body of water you could conceivably get out upon!

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